TradeSafe Escrow is an independent licensed and insured escrow and paymaster services provider. The company safeguards the buyer’s funds in trust and only releases the funds to the seller once the seller delivers what was contracted and the buyer is happy with the goods received.

TradeSafe partnered with iWantFuel.co.za to provide peace of mind to parties transacting in South Africa’s Oil & Gas industry.

If the buyer does not have the funds, the transaction does not start. If the seller does not deliver, the buyer is refunded in full. TradeSafe only releases the funds to the seller upon the buyer’s acceptance of the Delivery Note (DN) or Bill of
Lading (BOL).

TradeSafe ensures every transaction is safe, secure and successful!

No TradeSafe escrow fees are charged to the client or the supplier as the escrow fees are borne by iWantFuel.

TradeSafe is an authorised Third Party Payment Provider (TPPP) with the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) with license no. SP001191 in terms of South African Reserve Bank Directive 1 of 2007

The funds held in escrow are insured by ITOO, a division of Hollard. TradeSafe Escrow holds Crime and Civil Liability cover, including fidelity and professional indemnity protection, as underwritten by ITOO

visit www.tradesafe.co.za or call 010 020 3101


A message from TradeSafe’s CEO

TradeSafe has long been aware of the systemic risks that exists in the local diesel sector. From masquerading and non-performing suppliers to empty promises from buyers’ regarding proof of funds or non-payment, TradeSafe joined forces with iWantFuel to provide a safe and secure automated fuel procurement solution.

We invested heavily in upgrading our technology to securely communicate with iWantFuel’s technological infrastructure using state-of-the-art encryption channels. This means that when using iWantFuel, a user will never have to redirect to www.tradesafe.co.za to create a transaction, accept a trade or make payment. Everything is now done on iWantFuel’s platform via the backend online. Transacting in diesel has never been easier, or safer!

TradeSafe is proud to be have partnered with iWantFuel and we look forward to revolutionising the South African fuel industry together.