Q: Are we real?
A: The answer is YES, with real suppliers and many satisfied customers!

Q: What is the cost to use the system?
A: There is NO COST to either Supplier or Client, Suppliers can Quote for FREE and Customers can request quotes for FREE.

Q: Do we sell Fuel or Lubricants?
A: No, we are an aggregation system, we source the best prices for fuel and lubricants and act as the deal facilitator. In layman’s terms, we will find you the best possible prices while at the same time drive business to more than 200 Fuel and Lubricant suppliers’ country wide.

Q: Where are we based?
A: Country Wide

Q: Do we give Payment Terms / Credit?
A: Yes, only if the applicant is over 110 years old and is accompanied by both his living grandparents!

Things you should not ask us!

Please send me more leads than to the other suppliers
o    Nope, iWantFuel is an automated system and does not give preference to anybody.

What are the discounts of the other suppliers?
o    We will not supply suppliers with any competitive advantage. The system was built to be fair and will stay that way.

We need 10 Million or a Trillion Litres of Diesel
o   iWantFuel.co.za is a Load for Load system. We don't care if you use 2500 L or 10 Million Litres per month. If you are a tender chaser, you are on the wrong system and will be blocked from using it.