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iWantfuel.co.za was designed to change the way companies purchase fuel and lubricants. The system's sole purpose is to give bargaining power back to the consumer and selling power to the supplier while eliminating risks of non-payment and non-delivery.

•    Guaranteed Fuel Supply, You don't just have one or two suppliers but all of them.
•    Every time you order you buy at the best possible price.
•    An extremely easy system to use and it will keep records of all your fuel orders.
•    Your Payment is kept in a secure holding account with TradeSafe when ordering fuel.
•    You are guaranteed that delivery will take place as iWantFuel will only instruct TradeSafe to pay the suppliers on confirmation of your delivery.
•    No Over/Under scenarios (differences between order and delivery to be paid back to you).
•    No subscription or membership fees.
•    No TradeSafe escrow fees are charged to the client or the supplier as the escrow fees are borne by iWantFuel

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You can add multiple tanks by clicking on the green plus button. Select "Internal" and set Size as 0 if you can only use On-Road Refuelling.


Once you click Next, you will be able to request quotes and order fuel on road. We have more than 320 Fuel and Lubricant suppliers country wide registered on iWantFuel.co.za.

NB: Suppliers will respond with their best prices. They do NOT know who you are until you decide to place an order.